Sam the Barber is a Parrish, Florida native, graduating from Palmetto High School in 2002. He transitioned to mobile electronics for many years. Well when the stock market took a dive in 2008, so did his employment.

He always loved a good haircut, He recalled good times spent in the garage of his long time barber, the locally infamous “Rick Fades” and thought it would be nice to have the income and freedom to come and go as I pleased, with a bit of luck I was able to attend Manatee Technical Institute for Barbering. I didn’t know anything about hair when I started. I soon found myself loving what I was doing. The best part was I had talent. I met awesome people as well as some awesome teachers that seriously changed my life.

Once completing the course and getting licensed, I found myself at my first real barber shop. I quickly learned that I had only started my journey into hair! Terri and Alan helped me sharpen my skills in vastly different ways. Terri always said that when the student is ready the teacher will be there. Now Alan (a Hardcore Buffalo New Yorker) always said throw those stupid guards in the trash a real barber doesn’t use them. After working there for a while I moved on to Pauls Barber Shop. I went to Pauls shop throughout my childhood. It was a big deal to get a chair here for me. Recently in 2017, I opened up Sams Chop Shop located in Palmetto, FL.

I have developed a strong following of loyal fans. My fans really love my skins fades and trendy styles. I started YourBarberSam.com as a way to connect to the community.