I am much more than a typical Barber; I'm committed to our community of loyal friends, neighbors and families who gather to network and support each other. I'm more than great barber with fair prices; I provide an experience born out of uncompromising commitment to serve our loyal clients in a great environment. When you come in the first thing you might notice is how comfortable the space feels, and the lack of the smells of chemicals or hair care products you find in many “salons”. You might encounter the sweet smell of warm lather as we prepare you for the amazing experience the I provide. After one visit I will know your name, what you like, how you like it, and will strive to always make you feel just like an old familiar friend.

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W elcome to Your Barber Sam, the amazing barber at Pauls Barber Shop. I'm a native of Parrish, FL & graduated from Palmetto High School in 2002. I always loved a great haircut & I recalled good times spent in the garage of his longtime barber, the locally infamous “Rick Fades” and thought it would be nice to have the income and freedom to come and go as I pleased, with a bit of luck I was able to attend Manatee Technical Institute for Barbering.I didn’t know anything about hair when I started. I soon found myself loving what I was doing. The best part was I had talent. Once completing the course and getting licensed, I found myself at my first real barbershop. I quickly learned that I had only started my journey into hair! In 2010, I went to Pauls shop. It was a big deal to get a chair there for me. I have developed a strong following of loyal fans. My fans really love my skins fades and trendy styles. Now I am the proud owner of Sams Chop Shop located in Palmetto, be sure to stop by to say hello.

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